Welcome to the Two-Lane Blacktop Online Museum, tribute site of the restored Two-Lane Blacktop '55 Chevy built by Richard Ruth for the 1971 movie directed by Monte Hellman and starring James Taylor, Dennis Wilson, and Warren Oates. Below is a photo taken on the backlot of Universal Studios shortly before filming on Two-Lane Blacktop began. The '55 on the left was used to film interior scenes, is commonly referred to as the camera car, and was only used in Two-Lane Blacktop. The '55 in the middle of the three cars was used to film exterior scenes showing the '55 and was later reused in American Graffiti. A third '55 was also constructed for Two-Lane Blacktop for use as a stunt car. The stunt car was also used in both movies, rolled over at the end of American Graffiti, and later sent to the crusher. Both '55s pictured below survive. The camera car has been restored to correct Two-Lane Blacktop appearance (without the camera rigging) and is the car featured on this website. The exterior car was customized into a show car after American Graffiti. Scroll on down to the lower portion of the home page and you'll find albums of photos showing the history and restoration of the Two-Lane Blacktop '55 Chevy. *****All new members to the Two-Lane Blacktop Group must be approved by the manager. Please include a brief statement about yourself and why you are interested in joining. COMMUNITY STANDARDS - This is a "G" rated site meaning we are family friendly. User IDs and posts that contain profanity or off-color language are not tolerated and will be deleted by the site manager. Repeat offenders will be suspended from the site.*****

Two Lane Blacktop Online Museum

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